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 Rubbish Removal - Tunbridge wells - Sevenoaks - Maidstone - Hildenborough

Lofts - Garages - Shops - Fridges/Freezers - Beds - Mattresses - Electrical items

Asbestos removal - Contaminated Waste - Utility Waste - Builders Clearances - Any Waste

Hot tub removal and disposal - Sheds - Garage Demolition Kent - Fast Waste Removal

We Can Clear Any Type Of Waste!

 More Than 80% of Junk Recycled

Free Quotation!

Rapid Collection Service Available.

 CALL NOW ON: 01732 387072

9am - 6pm Monday to Saturday.

Alternatively you can SMS a photo or video using a smartphone to:  07958524403 including your name, area/postcode and when you would like your rubbish cleared. We will reply with a price within 30 minutes.

This mobile number does not accept incoming calls. Text service only.

Call 07958524403


Address: Unit 5, Winkhurst Industrial Estate, Sevenokas, TN14 6LB

Company Reg No. 09956747

The Junk Removal Specialist

Waste Carriers Licence: 

CBDU323507 Expiry date: 01/02/26

Please verify any waste licence using link below.

The Vehicles We Use

3.5 Ton Transit Cage Tippers

3.5 Ton Box Vans with 500kg Tail Lift

7.5 Ton Tippers

7.5 Ton Box Lorries with 1000kg Tail lift

18 Ton Grab Lorry

32 Ton Grab Lorry

Some of our vehicles below

Garage Demolition
Grab lorry loaded with skips
Digger loading 8 wheel grab lorry

We arrange convenient booking appointments over the phone and provide you with a free no obligation quote. We arrive on time, do all the heavy lifting, clearing and cleaning. We dispose responsibly and recycle or reuse your unwanted items where possible.

Our Commitment

Our responsibility to the environment. We’re committed to reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill each year and are working hard to achieve these objectives.

We’re licensed and approved by the Environmental Agency and can be trusted to dispose safely and responsibly of all waste we remove and dispose of. We’re also working hard to build relationships with local charities, which allow us to repurpose items for a greater cause.

Address: Unit 5, Winkhurst Industrial Estate, Sevenokas, TN14 6LB

Whether you need our house rubbish collection services to remove a huge amount of accumulated junk or just an appliance or two removed, First For Clearance can help.

You can rely on our experienced removal professionals to quickly and carefully remove all of your unwanted household items and rubbish that's cluttering your home, providing you with what will feel like brand new living spaces.


If you Haven't found the service you need try

Advice if you're paying someone to take stuff away

Protect yourself from rogue waste collectors and traders by following the following steps:

1.    Ask for their waste carrier registration number.  
Check the number online with the Environment Agency or call them on 03708 506506.
3.    Keep a note of all the information you receive from the waste collector or tradespeople.

If they're not registered don't use them.

Inform Trading Standards of the rogue trader immediately by calling 03454 04 05 06.

If you have any of your rubbish removed and it ends up being flytipped, you could be held responsible and fined.  By following the simple steps above, you can protect yourself from this.

   Info and and sizes below.

See how many black bin bags you can fit into different skips sizes


Ideal for kitchen or bathroom refurbishment and mixed builder’s type waste.


4 cubic yard midi skip


Ideal for more bulky items and will hold a substantial amount of builder’s rubble, soil, stones and other construction waste. Popular with the building industry.


6 cubic yard midi skip                


This is the largest builder’s skip for heavy construction waste or general domestic projects. This skip is also one of the most common skips used.


8 cubic yard medium builder skip           


Large capacity skip used for large building works or commercial waste. Great for large house clearance waste.


12 cubic yard maxi skip            


This maxi is ideal for large scale office or home clearance with bulky waste such as furniture.


14 cubic yard maxi skip            


Ideal for large house clearances with bulky waste such as furniture and large amounts of light construction waste such as wood, metal or plastics.


16 cubic yard maxi skip            

Specialist Domestic Waste Clearance Services in London

First For Clearance is a Kent based domestic waste removal company, we guarantee you a professional, friendly and cost effective junk collection service. We care for the environment and pride ourselves on offering a service that is reliable, cost effective and built around making our customers happy.

We will recycle or re-use where possible and dispose of un-recyclable items responsibly.

Just hassle-free junk collection when you want it

You don’t want to be kept waiting, if we agree a time we’ll stick to it. From small DIY waste clearances to larger house clearances we are able to offer you the perfect solution to solve your waste clearance issues.

Our domestic waste clearance services include:-

  • House

    A recommended solution to clearing unwanted items from your property

  • Garage

    The easiest way of reclaiming some of your garage space

  • Garden 

    The cleanest and quickest way to getting your garden how you want it

  • White Good Disposal

    The most environmentally friendly way of treating white goods

  • Furniture

    A recommended solution to clearing unwanted furniture from your property

To find out more about this, contact a member of our team today.

 We remove all types of non-hazardous debris from your commercial or residential location in kent and London, including construction debris removal, renovation debris removal, yard waste debris removal, garage and attic debris removal, storm debris removal, and more.

We also remove all types of junk including old appliances and parts, plumbing waste, furniture and mattresses, rubbish, hoarding debris, commercial fixtures, cubicles, carpets, and more.

If you have a large pile of debris, we charge by the cubic yard, whereas if you have your debris bagged, we charge by the bag. Our waste is easy straightforward. Our trucks are 3-4 times bigger than franchise junk removal companies. We can remove all of your debris in one shot, without multiple trips or the need for any kind of dumpster on your property.

We are one of the most experienced professional junk removal companies in London in kent, providing complete removal services. We remove all types of household or commercial junk. Our trucks and minimum 2 man crews haul away 3-4 loads of junk at a time, compared to our competitors. We specialize in rubbish and debris removal, furniture removal, junk removal, appliance removal, hoarding clean outs, estate clean outs, commercial and retail clean outs,  and more.

Some of the junk and furniture that we remove:

  • Appliances and TVs
  • Furniture and Mattresses
  • Debris and Rubbish
  • Drywall and sheetrock
  • Hoarding and Estate contents
  • Office furniture and cubicles
  • Cabinets and fixtures
  • Hot tubs, decks, fences
  • Tires, crates, pallets, and more..

For complete junk removal in maidstone or junk removal in sevenoaks, we provide all of the pickup, clean out, cleanup, and hauling and leave the area free of rubbish and debris.

Landfill remains the main method of disposing waste in England. Although many businesses, councils and households have got the message about recycling, around half of all refuse is still dumped into a hole in the ground and covered over.

In 2008, over half of our waste went into landfill, but this figure has declined steadily in the subsequent years, but still remains relatively high.

Landfill facts

The news, however, is that figures for landfill of houshold waste has declined form and incredible 79% at the turn of the century to slightly less than half. Much of the decline can be lain at the door of UK and European directives that urged an increase in recycling and other means of disposal. The Landfill Directive set targets to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill, the Landfill Tax of 1996 encouraged commercial operators to take steps in the right direction.

However, landfill remains an important part of disposal regimes for materials that cannot be recycled or disposed of by any other means. Landfill sites are constructed and operated to strict standards in order to reduce environmental effects, and most types of waste may be disposed of via landfill. Strict landfill directives mean that the amount of waste – and particularly hazardous waste –  is being reduced, while operators are encouraged to recover what value they can from waste.

How do landfills work?

The waste is checked to make sure it is complaint with the operating permit.

Rubbish is then tipped onto the site, compacted and covered. This is to mitigate any smells and pests.

The waste is then decomposed. The decomposition process will result in gasses, notably methane, which has to be vented to safety. It is the evolving of gasses that makes former landfill sites generally unsuitable for further development for some time. One tonne of waste will produce at least 200 cubic metres of gas.

When the site reaches its capacity, it will be covered over with clay and other soils in a “cap”, which will eventually allow the land to be re-used for agriculture or other purposes.

Approximately 45% of Britain’s methane emissions come from landfill sites. However, careful management mean that increasing amounts of the UK’s electricy supply comes from gasses recovered from landfill.

What do our council do with our household waste

Waste collected from your house

They get rid of the waste your council collects from your house and area. They provide places for them to take the waste, which we bulk up and send elsewhere.

Waste from household waste recycling centres

They bulk up the waste you bring to there  (tips) and take it to recycling or final disposal facilities. They don't own or run any waste processing or disposal facilities themselves.

Waste turned to energy

Waste that is not reused, recycled or composted goes to a plant near Maidstone, which turns it into energy. It is burnt under controlled conditions to produce steam that is used to generate electricity. Find out more from the Kent Enviropower website.


They have diverted most waste away from landfill to be processed in other ways. However, They may sometimes need to send some items there that cannot be recycled or processed.

Closed landfill sites

They manage and maintain 19 closed landfill sites to ensure they comply with environmental standards.

Most of the sites have been closed and restored for 30 years but  still need to ensure that any gasses and contaminated water caused by the rotting down of organic wastes are collected and treated. This might be by burning off potentially harmful gas or by treating contaminated water from the site.

Landfill gas has the potential to suffocate or cause explosions in confined spaces. Contaminated water can present a risk to ground and surface water sources if not properly managed.

Landfill sites offer the potential for informal recreation or grazing of animals once they've been restored.

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